AMP Rest Style is part of AMP Group and was established in spring 2009 as a hotel and restaurants services company. AMP Group is composed of Plaisir Hotel and Plaisir Restaurant, three outdoor terraces, an indoor heated swimming pool (olympic size), 6 tennis courts ( two of which are covered with a canopy during the cold season) and two football fields. The first firm, Ana Maria Pop started it’s activity of distribution in 1994, growing to be one of the largest food and beverage distributors in Prahova county.
The Sports Complex started its activity in 2005 with the completion of the tennis courts, the football fields and one of the terraces. At that time the construction of Plaisir restaurant was started.

2008 brings new changes, consisting in opening a new facility for transferring all commercial activity of the distribution branch, and the old office is structured in what would later become the restaurant “Plaisir” – Gold Room. The smaller Bluer Room was already open to the public and could accommodate 80 guests

In December 2009 the Gold Room Ballroom of Plaisir restaurant is inaugurated with an event that hosted over 400 guests. It’s open architecture allows easy table reorganization for events with 200 to 700 guests.

Hotel Plaisir inauguration would take place in May 2010, when all necessary approvals had been obtained. At the same time, construction works were carried out to transform the outdoor swimming pool into an indoor heated swimming pool with a gym. Near the pool the second outdoor terrace was build.

To meet customers needs, in 2011 the Blue Room ballroom of Plaisir Restaurant was extended from the initial capacity of 80 guests to a capacity of over 160 guests. In front of the Blue Room ballroom an elegant wooden terrace was build, decorated with flowers.